Quirky 21 Questions

I found this awesome quirky 21 question through an amazing blogger, Queen of the Girl Geeks, who always has the best posts relating to beauty products.  Any product you think of, I am positive she has tested it. Also, I swear we are the same person! Building Lego, Star Wars and Harry Potter obsessed? Yep, that’s me! Check her out 🙂

One – Favorite Decade?

00’s for me. I travelled, felt like I was a total grown up, started Uni and found the love of my life 🙂

Two – Favorite Lipstick?

Color Pop – liquid lipstick 1st Base

Three – Last Movie?

Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find them

Four – Shampoo I’m Using Right Now?

Cocolicious – Phil Smith, it smells so good and makes my hair silky smooth

Five – 5th & 15th Book On My Kindle Shelf?

The House at the Edge of the World – Julia Rochester

The Girl With No Name – Diney Costeloe

Six – Most Hated 80’s Fashion?

Well, it’s making it’s way back into our fashion world and I think the worst thing for me would be shell suits. Ugh, so bad!

Seven – First Concert?

The first Pop Idol tour, wow, so cheesy!

Eight – Most “Meh” Beauty Product?

Benefit Roller Lash mascara, I just don’t get the hype

Nine – Heels or Flats?

I live in my flats every day but I do love to get dressed up with some heels on

Ten – 3 Favorite Beauty Brands Right Now?

Urban Decay, Clarins and Maxfactor

Eleven –  What’s In Your Purse Make-Up Bag?

Mac pressed foundation, Urband Decay lipstick, Lipcote and Clarins lip oil

Twelve – Favorite TV Mom?

Joyce Summers from Buffy, oh the feels!

Thirteen – I hate the number 13.


Fourteen –  Splurge Beauty Buy?

BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Highlight, Champagne Pop – still obsessed and now that it is hello Spring time, it is ready to grace my face some more.

Fifteen –  Beauty Quirk?

I enjoy the pain of removing black head remove strips. Is that normal?!

Sixteen –  Travel Wish List?

Necker Island

Seventeen – Lush vs. Bath & Body Works?

Oh wow, tough one. Bathbombs would have to be Lush however candles from Bath & Body Works win in any contest even if Lush don’t do candles!

Eighteen – Closet TV Indulgence?

I don’t have any closet TV shows but I have seen every Housewife franchise minus the UK edition. Obsessed!

Nineteen – Biggest Beauty Fear?

Doing a YouTube channel. I wish I had the confidence to start it but I am not there yet.

Twenty – Geek-Out TV Fest Favorites?

Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy and Firefly 🙂

Twenty-One – What are you eating right now?

I just had a huge slice of carrot and walnut cake and I am not sorry!

Copy and paste this quiz to your blog! Let me know when you’ve done it 🙂 Have fun!

Kirsty 🙂 x


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