March Glossybox

Oh wow, I am super late to the party with this one. It’s now April but that wouldn’t stop me posting about the March box I received.  Work and my new gym life have started to get in the way of my blogging which I’m not too happy about.  I am determined to get stuck back into blogging as I love doing it!

The Glossyboxes in 2017 so far have been pretty good and it won’t be long until I find out what will be inside box number four! Come along and take a look at the wonderful March box 🙂


Starting with first full sized product, Oolution Eye Love, eye cream was such a great find. This year is my 30th and I am in need of help to keep those pesky wrinkles at bay!  The eye cream is soothing and soft as it soaks deeply into your skin.  The product is 100% natural, hallelu, which is the magic that reduces those nasty dark circles and puffiness. I am ready to buy this product again once it is finished!


I’ve decided to make this a shit sandwich and give a negative review next before going on to rave about the other fabulous finds in my box! So, the Sleek makeup palette, full size, was not a favourite of mine.  The overall feel of the product is just cheap, glittery and chalky. Let’s move on!


Ohhh, a great one next 😉 The This Works in transit camera close up primer is just amazing! It gets right into your skin and prepares to lock that foundation in all day long. When I read it’s a top favourite of Posh Spice I got all excited! She picked a winner and how lucky are we to have received this sample? Yep, you guessed it, I want the full size product when I finish this. Love it!


The final skin product which made this box so awesome was the Figs & Rouge hydra-activ smart nutrient vital moisture day cream.  Yes! It was a winner. My skin is oily but this was a perfect balance of moisture. My skin feels hydrated and just loved.  All of those wonderful vitamins make my skin feel glowing and healthy. You guessed it, another to add to my list of purchases when I finish it!


Finally, a great little addition to the March box.  The Schwarzkopf Professional BC bona cure oil miracle brazil nut oil pulp treatment.  My hair was so thankful for this product! You slather it onto towel dried hair and leave it while the wonderful oils soak into your sad and dehydrates hair.  Once you have waited roughly 10 mins, rinse it out and feel the wondrous silky soft hair you never knew you could have! I used the tub in one go, woops! My hairdresser has been called to track a pot of this down for me 🙂


Were you as happy as I was with my Glossybox? Let me know in the comments below!

Kirsty 🙂

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