Glossybox January 2017

It’s the first box of 2017 and boy did they do well!  Before we even get into what was in there I have to say this is my favourite box ever.  I am really hoping it keeps this standard for the rest of the year.

The look of the box upon opening the packaging was the usual Glossy pink however once you lifted the lid it had the quote from Deliciously Stella, “You can’t milk an almond”.  It was time for a yummy filled box of treats.


When I opened the box my eyes were drawn to the Manuka Honey face mask by Vitamasques.  This product worked so well for me and actually fit my face well. It was delicious and made my skin feel super soft.  I had a look on the Vitamasques website and found some amazing bargains! You get 4 masks for £12.99 and singles for £3.99.  I will be making an order soon and want to try out the pomegranate.


I’ve been experimenting with new cleansers as I appear to have finally hit puberty and keep breaking out in spots. It’s not pretty! I was so happy to find another cleanser to add to my list.  UNANI cleansing milk is a gentle cleanser which is massaged into the skin to help remove the make up and horrid impurities of the day.  I have loved this step at night once I get in from my London Underground commute as it really feels like I have washed the day away.  The scent reminds me of something but it hasn’t clicked yet.  It’s very subtle. UNANI has been in our boxes before and I look forward to more in the future!


From the almonds at the beginning to honey, milk and now kale (there is definitely a strong foodie theme this month!). I don’t like kale but I love this product!  The Nip+Fab Kale Moisturiser has a veggie smell, I’m not going to lie, but in a good way which feels like you are really adding a superfood into your skin.  This has transformed my skin routine and I will be purchasing it when I finish this tube.


Steering away from food, sad face, we venture into the world of men…sort of. The Balm Cosmetics is a brand I have never tried but have heard a lot about.  After trying this eyeshadow I don’t know why I bought so many Urban Decay palettes in the past when I should have tried this! We have a single shadow in Matt Kumar.  It’s a lovely rich red shade which has strong pigmentation and blends flawlessly.  I need more of these shades in my life!

This last product I was a little disappointed with when I opened the box as I had had one of these before in a really bad shade.  The Absolute Velvet Lippie packaging gives you the wrong impression of the colour.  It’s actually a lovely pinky mauve shade.  The texture is super whipped and soft.  The staying power is pretty good for being under £5 but after a while it does start to crack a little so be ready to reapply!


Did you love you box this month? I am so excited for February!

Kirsty x



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