Christmas was a long time ago but I’ve not had a chance to write a blog about my first experience of using a blogger gift swap.  I saw A Piece of Viola had post about this on Twitter and was excited to join the #APOVGiftSwap squad.  You can read my blog post Christmas Blogger Gift Swap to get the details on what we had to do.

When Viola emailed me when I was getting ready to go on holiday so I was a little late to get in touch.  I was paired with Beka from Little World of Beka.  Her blog is super cute and has a lot of great reviews of make up products.  I have taken her advice on a few things already!  Navigating her blog gave me great ideas of gifts to put together for Beka and I hope she liked them! After a few email exchanges we decided to get started and post our gifts before the deadline.

From my Twitter and blog it must have been clear the things which are close to my heart!


The note books were a perfect gift for 2017 to write down all of my ideas whether that be for travel or blogging.



Finally, I am a massive Who fan so this was great!


I’ll be sure to take part again this Christmas! A massive thank you to Viola for organising and to Beka for my gifts.

Kirsty x




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