My Bookish History Tag

My Bookish History Tag

Do you have any childhood favorites (I’m thinking along the lines of those chapter books in elementary school)?

Romeo and Juliet was a firm favourite of mine in school. I was captivated by the characters and wanted to understand how they could love each enough to do what they did. After reading the book I needed to watch the films, the dramatised tv series and stage show.

Is there a book/series that really got your reading hobby snowballing?

The novels by Jacqueline Wilson were my one true passion growing up. I needed to own them all and read them super fast to know all that I could.  My favourite was the Lottie Project.

Are there any books you enjoyed, even though you had to read them for school?

I had to read The Lovely Bones in my final year of High School. I found it a good read and wrote one of my end of year essays on it.  The final adaptation didn’t do the story justice and it felt like it lost it’s way for me. I am far from one of those people who always say “the book was better!” but in this case I had to.

Was there a book that changed the genres you read? (i.e. were you an avid reader of contemporary, but now it’s all about those dragons?)

I think a book that kicked started my actual joy for reading was Lord of the Rings.  The adventure and creation of a whole new world had me entranced and needing more.  It was the first book that transported me to another world with themes and imagery I had never seen before.  Truly changed my usual genres I read forever!

Are there any other books/series that hold a special place in your heart?

Game of Thrones series was one that I never thought I would actually love as much as I actually did.  I read the books and then watched the show; until the more recent series when I didn’t have a choice.  The narrative is spot on and I hear each character in my head when I read their chapters.  It was a series I couldn’t put down and I had to start the next book as soon as I finished one.

What kind of bookworm are you now? You can mention anything. Can you easily read 100 books in 6 months? A slower reader? Are you a mood reader or do you set book goals? Do you hoard books? Do you have 79084 books on your TBR list?

I read a let less than I used to. I am hoping to read more books this year! It’s on my 2017 to do list.  I usually get through one a month.  As a London commuter I get some good reading time in there and also a little read before bed.  The trick for me now is to put down my phone and get lost in books this year.  One step closer to a healthier mind.

Do you have a shelfie for us?

Sadly no 😦 when I moved to London I gave my books to charity and own a kindle.  When I have my big girl house I can have lots of shelfies!

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