Favourite London Restaurants 2016

It is safe to say 2016 was very good to me when it came to food. So good that it helped me gain a few extra pounds! I have rounded up a few of my favourite places I had the opportunity to go to and enjoy some delicious meals.

Duck and Waffle – Heron Tower

Let’s begin with breakfast.  We opted for the sunrise breakfast in Heron Tower and it was a tough one. We got up around 5am to make it for sunrise at 6.15am.  Naturally it was a foggy morning so we didn’t exactly see the sun rise but it did get lighter which was nice.  The restaurant is on the 40th floor and the lift takes you up in 40 seconds.  You are taken through the bar to the dining area which is surrounded by glass so you a view no matter where you sit.  The only issue I had was it was super cold in there! I remained wrapped up the whole time. I opted for the waffle with brulee banana and peanut butter. So deliciuous! Jon had the hot breakfast which looked equally scrummy.  After brekkie London had come to life as we made our way to work 🙂

MEAT mission – Hoxton

During the August bank holiday we went to MEAT mission which is somewhere I have been dying to try.  After spending the day strolling along the South Bank and then making our way to Shoreditch it is safe to say we had worked up an appetite!  The only issue I did have with MEAT mission was the fact that all of the food ordered by the table are on the same tray. Our friends and Jon had been there before so were ready for the metal tray of food but I was not sure on this.  I like my own plate.  I had a cheese burger and some monkey fingers. If you go, please try the monkey fingers.  They are crispy chicken strips dunked in a sticky and super spicy sauce. Hot hot!

The Ivy Cafe – Marylebone

Such a lucky find! I had known there was an Ivy in Chelsea but not this one in Marylebone. We stumbled upon it when looking for another favourite of ours, 108 Brasserie, and decided to give it a go. It’s a beautiful restuarant with the usual style of the Ivy.  I started with a delicious Early Grey tea which was served in a silver teapot. As it was early lunch I went for the super food salad with halloumi. It was so yummy and left me very full.  I can’t wait to go back again!

Brasserie Zedel – Piccadilly Circus


Zedel’s has something for everyone! It is like the TARDIS in there too which makes for a very fun experience.  When you arrive at Zedel’s it is like a tiny little French cafe with some awesome art work on the walls.  But, if you venture downstairs you will find a restuarant, cabaret room and cocktail lounge.  Each room is worth a visit.  We went to the Brasserie for lunch one Sunday and it is gorgeous! You are in the basement so there is no natural light yet the lighting behind faux windows makes you feel you are inside on a summers day.  The pink decor makes me feel very happy!  I had the steak and pomme frites which was yummy! We enjoyed some delicious red wine too.  If you are London do give this a try.

Circus London – Covent Garden

What an experience! We had an amazing time with friends at the top table in Circus.  We arrived for cocktails and fizz before the first performance started.  We had acts dancing on the table, swinging from the ceiling and riding mini motorbikes along the table! It has to be seen to be believed.  At the top table you have the sharing menu so we started with various dim sum dishes.  I have an allergy to mushrooms and they ensured I had dishes which were minus the shrooms. The acts performed before each course which was so much fun.  Mains were baked salmon, beef and curry dishes with salad and rice.  To finish we had a bento box of cheesecake and chocolate pops. So yummy! Sadly, after I still felt slightly hungry.

I’m super excited to visit some new places in 2017!  If you have an suggestions please leave them in the comments below 🙂

Kirsty 🙂


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