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Glossybox – November

Hey guys,

It’s the November Glossybox time but we are in December, whoops! I have been sunning it up in South Africa and Dubai on my belated honeymoon rather than blogging in chilly London.  This month has been another great instalment from Glossybox and I can’t wait for my final 2016 box to arrive soon!


To start, the most exciting product in my box which turned out to be the kind of disappointing item. The 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask looked so blingy when I opened the box and then read about the amazing things it would do to my skin! Now back in my previous blog when I received a mask in my box I mentioned this did not fit to my face very well.  This was the same issue again. My hubby was laughing at me as as the mouth section was hanging below my chin! I really should have taken a photo as it did look hilarious.  I think I lasted 10 mins with this half clinging half hanging from my face and threw it in the bin.  The redeeming feature of this mask had to be the product remaining on my skin. It made my skin feel revitalised and felt so smooth. Overall, I liked this product but I wouldn’t purchase it.


The next product is useful yes but did not get me all excited upon opening the box.  The Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razors are a good product which does what it says on the tin.  I do like these and the smell of raspberry is good but again it’s just not that exciting.  This has been a great product for taking on holiday rather than my usual razor as you just chuck it away after a few days. Hello silky smooth legs 🙂


The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a product I tend to use on a daily basis.  I love my collection of essential oils to help me feel more zen.  After a day of working and commuting in London I need all the help I can get!  The lavender, vertivert and chamomile oils are a perfect blend for a relaxing sleep.  Normally I use my defuser to fill the room with scents so part of me is unsure if I want to part with £16 for a spray on my pillow when I have the same products in their pure form.  I used this spray on m face mask for the flight which was a perfect idea; well done me!


When I receive a make up brush in my Glossybox I always get excited 🙂 this time was no exception with the Ruby large tapered blending brush.  I’ve found this better for my highlight on the tops of my cheeks rather than as an eye shadow brush.  It is silky smooth and helps to blend products.  At £6.80 it is a steal!


The De Bruyere jumbo eye pencil was a lovely edition to my November box.  The metallic grey toned colour glided on and blended so well.  It also works well with other shadows to make a perfect smokey eye for a Christmas party!


The final item was a cheeky little chocolate treat which made for a lovely little surprise.  The Ferroro Rafaello has a crispy coconut exterior with a whole almond in the centre. It was a welcomed change from my normal Ferror Rocher addiction at this time of year!

I hope you enjoyed my review this month and in a few weeks you can check out my December box 🙂

Take care

Kirsty 🙂 xxx


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