Crieff Hydro – Scotland

Hello again,

It was Halloween when I started my little holiday and now it feels like Christmas. I am not complaining! I have been bitten by the Christmas bug and I love it.  There may be a few extra Crimbo pillows on my sofa but I haven’t gone as far as putting up decorations…honest.

It felt so good to take a break to recharge my batteries and not be in work; sleep is always welcome!  Normally we would fly into Edinburgh but this time we made the excellent choice to flying directly into Dundee. Much easier way to collect your bags when the plane has all of 12 people on board!

It was my mum’s 60th birthday and we were all going for a trip to the Crieff Hydro to celebrate.  With my snuggly winter wardrobe packed I was ready to go! The drive up to Crieff is beautiful and stark contrast to our usual London life.  The Hydro building is beautifully nestled into the hillside with the most spectacular views.  My photography skills do not do it justice!  Shortly after arriving we all went for a walk around the grounds. It was chilly!


Sadly it was so busy we couldn’t all book into the spa for treatments but thankfully there was space for my mum to go.  She deserved it! My sister went along with her while myself and the boys went quad biking.  It was so much fun! I am a bit of a germaphobe so there may have been a few extra squeals due to the mud that got on me.  The course was huge with plenty of hills and snaking tracks to navigate our way around.

After our muddy session it was straight back to the room for a bath!  The White Company toiletries provided were lush and helped to create my epic bubble bath.  I had picked up a pot of Snow Fairy body conditioner from Lush for our trip and I can honestly say it’s delicious in scent and makes your skin feel super soft. Love it!  Once ready it was time for a quick selfie before meeting the girlies for cocktails at the bar 🙂

If you plan to go to Crieff Hydro ensure you book everything in advance! Spa and restaurant. We went to the Brasserie and all enjoyed some tasty grub.  I had the slow braised feather blade of Scottish beef with horseradish mash and veggies. Yummy!


Below are a few pics from our trip 🙂

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have been before.




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