October Glossybox

It’s Glossybox time again! It always sneaks up on me for posting and then before I know it I have another box to start the process again.  But I’m not complaining, I love my box of treats 🙂 Check out my pumpkin hoodie for halloween. I’m just teenie tiny bit excited about it, can you tell?!

This month I definitely had some highs and lows with this box. Plus we all got a secret item! After seeing the packaging and sniffing the product I knew it was Head & Shoulders.  It is amazing! The scent is girly and it made my hair feel so silky smoothy.  I will be buying this for sure!

First low point was the Primark make up product. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Primark shopper but when it comes to make up I am little picky and more so when it comes to putting the items near my eyes.  I had the Miracle Pencil which claims to be a 3 in 1: lip contour, eye brightener and concealer.  This was a big claim and I have to be honest, it doesn’t work on the eyes or imperfections. I haven’t tried the lips yet but my mind is made up. Sorry Primark.

The cutest packaging award goes to the lipstick by Trifle Cosmetics.  I was in love when I saw it but when I opened it it felt very flimsy and the lipstick was wobbling a little too much. Not sure how long it will last. The colour is a cute nude shade which claims to be buttery but it didn’t sit well on my lips. I will try again with this as I want to love it.

Now, the next product I was not excited about but the love grew! The NUXE shimmering dry oil seemed a little too glittery for my liking so I left it in the box until later.  Once I tried it I believed the hype. It’s super soft and leaves a sheen instead of chunks of glitter. I’m excited to take this on holiday with me to South Africa next month to channel my inner Twilight vampire.

My next favourite item was a cheeky surprise.  The secret flush by Universal Beauty Cosmetics is a 2 in 1 lip stain and blusher.  I love the Benefit Benetint products and was intrigued to try this as it’s a solid.  It glides on and looks gorgeous. The colour works really well on my skin tone too which is a bonus.  This doesn’t normally happen!

Lastly, my ultimate product in the box. My skin is a little crappy at the moment so I was pleased to see a skin friendly product in the box.  Bee Good products are amazing and the honey & camellia facial exfoliator is no different. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.  The lavender works it’s magic in this product and I am hooked. I will be buying the product when it finishes.


What did you think of your box this month? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Kirsty xx


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