Favourite Candle Collection

Hello There,

Sorry I have been gone for time from my blog posts but I just didn’t feel up to it.  Now I am back and raring to go with some new posts of what I have been up to over the last few weeks.

Autumn has arrived and it has brought the chilly weather with it.  I do love a nice sunny day with a cold breeze whipping through as it means I can wrap up warm inside and out.  When I am at home I have to be in my onesie, various levels of warmth there, with a candle on.  Candles just make your home more inviting and I couldn’t live without them. Below are a few of my favourites that I am using at the moment.

Yankee do amazing candles which fit the seasons and this is my go to for Autumn.  Black Cherry is simply divine! If you love the smell of cherries you will love this. I love to use the  candle toppers to stop the jar from going black. There is nothing worse than putting your hand in to light it and coming out covered in black! Sadly this is out of stock on the Yankee website but keep an eye out for it!


Bath and Body Works do the best candles but sadly are not stocked or deliver to the UK. Why?! I tend to buy mine from Ebay knowing I am paying over the odds for it but I believe it is worth it.  Each October I buy a new pumpkin scent and this year was the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Wow, it’s delicious. You can smell the creamy vanilla scent mix with the sweet pumpkin and it smells so appetising.  If you can, try a few of the range. You won’t regret it.


This was a little bargain I picked up from Sainsbury’s that has a scent of the seaside and herbs. It’s a great candle to pop on when you are cooking. I can’t stand cooking smells! I can’t find this anywhere online but I’m sure it cost me £2 at most.


This was a gift from my sister and her boyfriend from Next.  It is midnight patchouli and amber.  The smell is very warming and relaxing which is great for when you are spending an hour or so in the bath.  Plus, the holder is super funky and will great to keep once the candle has finished.


I recently went to Kew Gardens with my parents and they treated me to this gorgeous candle.  It is Freesia and Pear.  It’s super fresh and clean which also works to remove cooking odours.  I love this for a girly relaxing afternoon.  Kew have a few different scents in their range which I may also need to try.


Finally, this little pest wouldn’t leave me alone to take pictures of the candles lol. She is obsessed with me! I love it though 🙂 she’s a gorgeous little bean.

I hope you enjoyed my little candle round up. Let me know what your favourite candles are.

Take care

Kirsty xxx


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