Breakfast Dieting

Hey Guys,

Changing it up slightly with this blog to talk about the fun and wacky world of diets.  I’ve been pretty lucky with my weight and didn’t really have to worry about calorie counting until maybe 2 or 3 years ago but this concerned me as I wasn’t always eating the right foods. Now getting close to the 30 mark I am more conscious around what I am putting in my body.

My biggest problem for naughty foodies would probably be cakes and biscuits. They are so good! Back last November my hubby and I decided to cut out added sugar in our diet. At first we were thinking this is super easy! Oh no, that pesky sugar is in everything. We cleared out the biscuits, crisps, baked beans (this killed me!) and easy prep sauces with added sugars and bought sugar free replacements.  When I made meals I made everything from scratch to ensure there was no sugar. After a few months this got a lot easier as you get into the habit. However, the first week is tough and the headaches are not fun but push through; it’s worth it 🙂

At the weekends I found it hard to give up my freshly baked croissant so I needed to find a suitable alternative. This is by far the best breakfast treat 🙂 American fluffy pancakes as made by Zoella.  You can add whatever you like and there are so many sugar free options out there! Jon and I love agave as a syrup/sweetener alternative.  Below is a typical pancake brekkie we have (Ignore the jam, naughty sugar addict friends had that!):


In the countdown to the summer I saw the infamous Special K diet yet again but this time I looked a little further.  Basically, you have a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch with semi skimmed milk. I have done this in the past but felt it didn’t fill me up.  This time I looked at the ingredients…it’s bad.  Per bowl there are around 8g! Having this twice a day is not good. With this in mind I hunted for a no added sugar alternative. Sadly the ones I found were so bad I couldn’t do it and I will applaud anyone who can! The lowest added sugar content I found was Nestle Bitesize Shredded Wheat at 0.7g but it didn’t work for me. I needed to hunt!

Finally, I found the holy grail of low added sugar breakfast cereal and which was filling enough to enjoy at breakfast AND lunch. Weetabix!  It’s one of my favourites and is so versatile with only 4.4g of added sugar.  You can add in fruits and nuts to make it a little more exciting as yes it can get a little boring!  I personally enjoy semi skimmed milk with mine but you could use almond, skimmed, soy and anything else really. I read somewhere that people eat it dry…I’m not convinced.

After doing this for one month I lost 7lbs so yeah it worked pretty well. I work in London with lots of fast lunch options around which are full of naughty carbs so I try to do the Weetabix diet Monday to Friday but if I need proper foodies I will break the habit. At the weekend I enjoy treats but in moderation which is important.  Also, I like to get my steps in each day going on a Pokemon walk with my friends 🙂 I ensure I have lots of fresh fruit and veg daily with a big hearty meal at night. This helps me get all of the goodness I need.

Do you have any diet or healthy eat tips? Share them below for everyone 🙂


Kirsty xx




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