August Glossybox

The sun is shining and the Olympics are in full swing so it is safe to say I am having the best month.  Now, I’m by no means a huge sports fan but there is something so exciting about this event that gets me tuning in all day long.  I’ll do a round up blog of all my favourite sports and sporting heroes when it is over. Back to Glossybox!

This month we got to again choose a product for our box.  The MUA eyeshadow palette options were vast.  I opted for the neutral browns with some bronzie shades.  It is fun to pick something in advance to look forward to and then have a cheeky surprise with the rest.  Sadly when I opened my box there was the wrong palette.  This bright coloured palette is amazing but it really isn’t for me.  Before I could even contact Glossy to say “Oh no, help?!” they emailed me with a huge apology and said they would send the correct one in my next box. How sweet? After swatching some of the colours in this palette there are a few shades which will be nice actually. Thanks Glossy!  The palettes cost £4 each and I mainly buy MUA products from Superdrug.


Over the last few weeks I have been suffering with the odd breakout and general unhappy skin.  The Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask was just what I needed!  My skin felt thoroughly clean and super soft after using this.  It is only a sample size which was annoying but a bargain as the full product costs £53.  It was a great face mask but it didn’t do anything more than what a £10-15 product could do so I don’t see myself splashing the cash on this one.  However I will continue to enjoy the sample.


When I opened the box, the first item that stood out was the Spa To You Deep PoreFacial Cleansing Brush.  I’ve been thinking of buying the electric version of this for cleaning out the dreaded pores and thought this would be a great place to start.  It felt soft when I touched this freshly unboxed but when I used this on my face it was a different story.  My skin felt scratched and sore after one swipe. It was by no means gentle.  I’m going to let my hubby try this one incase my skin is being overly sensitive however I have a feeling he will feel the same.  At £6.99, maybe a more expensive item would be better…


I absolutely love Cowshed products! They have the cutest and funniest name but mainly because they have the best scents.  I got the Wild Cow body lotion which has blend of ginger, rosemary and lemongrass to give you a boost and feeling fresh! The shea butter and cocoa butter leave your skin feeling silky smooth.  Obsessed! If you haven’t already you need to try out the whole range.  The candles are amazing too.  This was a sample product sadly but a full size retails at £20.


As it was the 5th birthday for Glossybox, we got a beautifully designed box in soft pink and grey tones. I loved it.  It was designed by Rae Feather and came with a matching pochette inside the box.  This design is amazing and I really want a KM version of this.  We get a 10% off of our first order so I may need to take advantage of this.


Overall this was a good box, not the best but still good.  Next month we get a Too Faced mascara sample in the box so I am excited to try this! Let me know what you thought about your box and if you are excited for next month.

Thanks for reading

Kirsty xx








7 thoughts on “August Glossybox

  1. Wild cow body lotion? How was it? I join the Glam Bag and the products are pretty nice. I like their makeup bags. Looks like Glossybox has full-size items.. Your swatches are really good. Looks really pigmented.


  2. Hi, Great Post. I loved this months Glossybox! You were spot on about all the products! It was a nice read, and it is nice to know someone else thought the same as me!!


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