Beauty Blogger Tag

Hi All,

I saw this tag a while back and thought I would throw myself into the mix.

Feel free to copy the questions for your blog and let me know so I can read about you also 🙂

1. Why did you start blogging? Why beauty? 

For my New Year resolution I said I would start a blog and vlog for 2016.  Blogging has been great but I’m still too scared to vlog! Makeup is a big part of my everyday life for using it and buying it. I love reading about the opinions of others on products I may want to use and hoped I could do the same for someone else.

2. Messy hair & nice makeup or nice hair and no makeup? 

Messy hair and nice makeup always for me! I can get away with messy hair but not no makeup!

3. Worst beauty habit?

Caking my face in Vaseline to prevent crows feet. It gets everywhere at night but it’s a top tip I picked up.

4. Do you leave getting ready to the last minute? 

Not really. My hubby is forever moaning that I have been getting ready for the last hour when we are going out, whoops.

5. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

Yes, it is a must for me as a clean freak.  It’s on my to do list today actually.

6. Favorite makeup items?

Mascara is my top favourite as I look eyelash bald without it.  Next would be concealer as wow those dark circles need to go!

7. Do you do your makeup so it matches your outfit? 

Not really, I tend to do my makeup and then pick what to wear.  For me, I want it to match my skin tone and eye colour more than anything.

8. How do you keep up to date on new items?

Blogs and vlogs mainly.  You can get a snapshot of how beauty gurus feel in a few minutes rather than purchasing endless magazine and reading reviews which may not be 100% true.

9. Favorite Youtubers?

Jaclyn Hill – The Queen of makeup!

Zoella – I love how natural her make up and she’s fab to watch

Get Your Comic On – not beauty but is my all time favourite for comic news

10. Favorite high end brand? 

Benefit, I’m obsessed with the products and the packaging always gets me back for more.

11. Favorite drugstore brand?


12. Face makeup or eye makeup? 

Face makeup, I’d rather have my flaws covered up than do an intense smokey eye everyday for work.

13. If you could leave the house using just one make up item,what would you use?


14. Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? 

Not really, I go for Mac Pro Longwear Concealer which I think doubles up as a primer for your eyes.

15. What do you think of fake eyelashes? 

Love them but hard to fit to my eyes. I love the individual lashes but they take a lifetime to apply.

16. What is your go-to piece of jewelry?

My wedding band. It’s a knife edge rose gold band, simply beautiful.

17. Go-to nail color?

Pink tones always. They make me feel girly and don’t wash my pale hands out too much.  I’d love to wear blues everyday but I tend to look like I just crawled out of my own grave.

18. Would you rather have to wear the same outfit or the same makeup everyday?

Same makeup as long as it was a good one and all the products I love.  If it was outfit, I’d be happy in my onesie everyday!

19. One makeup skill you think you haven’t mastered yet?

Wing liner! It works half of the time for me. Practice makes perfect so I need to keep working on it I think.

20. What is your skincare routine? 

Baby wipes to remove my makeup, face wash to get more of it and then cleanser to remove the rest.  Finish with a face oil.

21. What are you most looking forward to this month? 

Enjoying the sun in the park with a big picnic!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 let me know below if you have posted this tag on your blog.

Kirsty x


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