Change of Scene

For myself and Jonathan, the cheeky hubby, it is that time of year again where we up sticks and move!  Not forgetting our beautiful not so little cat, Lola.



We have lived in London for just over 2 years now and finally feel the love for the city but we have struggled to find the perfect home for us.  We started out in St John’s Wood.  Glamorous area however the mansion complex we chose was not the best for us.  After various noise issues with neighbours within the first year we decided to move!  Thankfully we found a gorgeous Victorian home which had been converted into apartments and we got the top floor, not far from where we were.  We have been here a year now and there have been a lot of pros and cons with it.  Again, noisy neighbours have been an issue and no outdoor space to enjoy the sunshine.  However a major pro is the size and the glorious view of the Shard.  I will miss that!


Our new flat is again not far from where we currently live but it will be third time lucky, I can feel it in my bones! This modern complex has everything we could have have ever wanted in a property, especially a huge balcony!  It has been a struggle moving all of our lives again, thank goodness for the lift! But I can truly say it has been worth it.

In the past, change has been something that has made me incredibly anxious and especially in relation to moving.  Having had a lot of practice this has helped to reduce that feeling as I think I now know more of what to expect and what I need to organise.  One thing I hate to do when moving is to throw away old clothes, shoes and make up as Jonathan thinks I have too much…how rude! To be honest, it is rather therapeutic to have a good old clear out but I’d never tell him that,

The best item to invest in when moving, or simply packing away clothes for another season, would be the vacuum pack bags. We use so many when we move! Funny story: when you flat pack teddies they look like Han Solo after he was frozen in carbonite.

Over the next few months we will settle into our new home and make it our own.  All of the furniture is in apart from a sofa.  Once we have found the perfect one it will be the best home 🙂 I’m excited!

Let me know in the comments your experiences of moving and share any tips for this.

Thanks for reading!

Kirsty x


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