Bank Holiday Weekend Adventures

Who doesn’t love a four day week in work? I absolutely love it! There is no harder feeling than post 5pm on a Sunday when all you can think about is the alarm going off on a Monday morning to tell you to get up and get to work. So I was thankful for no Sunday night blues this weekend.

During the last BH weekend, Jon and I went to St Ives with our friends but this time we didn’t have any major plans in place. Well, unless you count onesies and PS4 gaming plans.  I started playing Fall Out this weekend and it’s so nice playing as a woman! Yes, we can kill those raiders and radroaches like any man. #girlpower anyone?  I have a lot of learning to do based on the shouts of annoyance from Jon when I forgot to aim the gun. Easy mistake!

So let’s get started with Saturday. We had a lazy morning coming around with coffee and freshly baked croissants at the breakfast bar while enjoying the sun. As always, beautiful cat joined us. I had booked an afternoon tea trip for Jon and I at a local boutique hotel.  Jon decided to sneak in a cheeky motorbiking session with a GoPro which is on his YouTube channel, MrTwigable.  We love an afternoon tea treat so much! A nice glass of champs, pinky tea, crustless sandwiches and delectable cakes!


The hotel was in Warwick Avenue and it looked stunning. Sadly, this was not the best dining experience so I won’t leave any recommendations. Saturday night was mainly taken up with catching up on some of my favourite YouTube vloggers:

  • Jaclyn Hill
  • Get Your Comic On
  • PointlessBlog
  • ThatcherJoe

On Sunday Jon took a trip on the bike with his friends to Brighton while I stayed at home doing my favourite hobbies; ironing and cleaning! This is no joke, I love to clean my home. One of the best gifts ever from Jon has been my floor steamer. It’s too much fun! This took up most of my day before I cooked a delicious roast chicken dinner.


In the coming weeks I plan to share some yummy recipes I enjoy to make. Please note: chicken is a recurring theme in my cooking (I love chicken!).

We started to watch iZombie at night before bed. Now, I am petrified of zombies but this is an amazing TV show based on the comics by Vertigo (DC Comics).  Liv (played by Rose McIver) is a medical student who is focused on her career but takes the chance to attend a party on a boat when all hell breaks lose. She becomes a zombie that night after being scratched by a zombie in the boat and then wakes up dead on the beach…in a body bag. Unlike some of the more modern adaptations of zombies, i.e. The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later, Liv thirsts for brains! iZombie makes this whole idea hilarious and fresh. There are so many laughs and also emotional moments which really pull you into the characters. Thankfully Netflix has two seasons ready to binge watch so all I need now is another BH weekend!

Monday morning came and went with a cheeky long lie. I have a feeling I might regret the long lie when I can’t get to sleep tonight! We had some breakfast while watching another iZombie and then got ready for a fab bike trip out in the sun before the dreaded BH rain got us!


We stopped off at Metropolis to have a look around at the bikes and a new jacket for Jon. Since the first time Jon took me to this shop, I fell in love with the Ducati Scramblers. It was not hard to convince Jon that he needed one! Below is the one I dream of owning when I learn to ride.


After browsing the leather jackets Jon settled on a Belstaff wax jacket. Nice choice!

On our way home we stopped off at Charlotte Street to try out a fabulous little restaurant, Barnyard. We sat at the bar with the waitress who was so friendly and helped us through the menu.



As before, I love chicken! The wings at the Barnyard are the most delicious wings I think I have ever had. Deep fried herby and lemony goodness. If you go, try them! You won’t regret it. We also choose the olives, asparagus, mackerel and black pudding dishes. So much food! It is never a good choice to over eat when you then have to travel home on a motorbike.

As the BH weekend draws to a close I can truly say I feel well rested and ready for the week ahead.  Now I have some final bits of ironing to do and a fluffy baby to snuggle into on the sofa as a treat when I finish. Let me know what you have been up to this weekend!

Until next time 🙂



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